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Welcome to 5th Grade SCIENCE


Hello there, future SCIENTISTS! I am so thrilled that YOU are reading this, because that probably means we (or me + your precious baby) get to spend the next 9ish months together at school! There is so much “potential energy” to be discovered! I have over 10 years of teaching experience with the government and I am super excited to start my very first public-school year here at COCISD, where we are Creating Opportunities! What a privilege it is to have YOU (or that adorable child of yours) as my student!! WOW!

I am a Texas Native and have been married to my handsome prince charming for 10 years.  We decided to make Coldspring our HOME 2 years ago!  Not only am I a wife, but I am a momma to some fascinating cuties, and get this: I am a BONUS MOM too!!! SCORE!!! I graduated from Sam Houston State University (Eat 'Em Up Kats) in 2003. 

I have a strong passion for educating, leading, motivating and inspiring any beautiful mind out there! I am a certified aerobics instructor/personal trainer, degreed nutritionist, photographer (say cheeseburger) and most importantly: a SCIENCE TEACHER.

I enjoy all things sparkly, vintage, hand-made, Italian, books of inspiration, farm life, camping, nature, flowers, swimming, decorating, organizing, shopping, pedicures, “redbox’n” with my family, volunteering at my church, baseball, public speaking… plus a gazillion more fun things.  

I am extremely HONORED to be a TROJAN and to SERVE YOU this school year!!!  I can’t wait to see you (or that excitingly sweet-hearted person you claim) in the classroom! Let the most scientific fun you can ever imagine begin,

Mrs. Coker

Please visit the 5th grade Level Team Page under "Academics" on the CIS website.
May 7th, 2018
It has been fun in science tutorials last week and this week we will continue gearing up for our SCIENCE STAAR on May 16th! Be on the lookout for a packet to go home with your student!!!  Please work with them on the topics and check for understanding! We are strictly in review mode until then!!!  Please email with any questions to
Make sure to check out the updated pictures of our past few weeks and and videos from building paper roller coasters to praying mantis' and our very own ESCAPE THE LANDSLIDE challenge.  Who doesn't love SCIENCE?!?!
April 1, 2018
This is no fools joke, we have 32 SCHOOL DAYS left until the Science STAAR test!!! :) WE CAN DO IT!!!!  Be on the lookout toward the end of this week: I'm sending some EXCELLENT review material home with your baby!!  Please set a goal with your child for example:10 minutes 3 out 5 school nights or for those go-getters more, to study with them and help them teach you what they know about the review material! Please remember SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP and healthy mornings are very vital to a great day of learning at school!!!  This week we have been so excited to receive a trunk full of ADAPTATION materials that we will have fun in class with before we jump back into reviewing for the BIG day (science STAAR) ;) I can NOT believe how fast this year has flown by!! We are going to have SO much fun collaborating, critically thinking, communicating and being creative in the classroom this week!  Check back for ahhh-mazing pictures!
Mrs. Coker
March 17, 2018
Spring Break comes to a quick end and we are gearing up to refresh our minds on heredity and adaptations.  Right before school was out we had an amazing presenter come speak to us about adaptations from the Lufkin Zoo.  She brought Flatjack and Milkyway as hands on material to tie in learning with the presentation. Make sure to check out the cool pictures!  What an amazing time we had, make sure to ask your child about it! My sweet husband also dropped in for a quick visit and discussion on the the life cycle of a chicken, where the classes got to watch live from video our first set of chickens hatch WOW, totally incredible!!!  He had a great time answering students questions on chickens, raising them and hatching them. Have your child show you some pretty amazing animals they can design at WWW.SWITCHZOO.COM and have them design a habitat, food chain and summary of the different behavioral and physical adaptations their animal has (they loved this activity so why not continue at home). We will be continuing to cover physical and behavioral adaptations, the circle of life, how animals grow and reproduce, how traits are passed from parents to offspring, learned and innate behaviors.  PLEASE review these vocabulary definitions with your child:
  • Dormancy – a phase of minimal activity (e.g., trees in winter, frogs in winter)
  • Environment – all of the living and non-living elements in a particular (geographic) area
  • Function – what something is used for; purpose
  • Habitat – the place where an organism lives; habitats supply the organism with food, shelter, moisture, and temperature for survival
  • Inherited traits – characteristics or attributes of an organism that are inherited and / or influenced by the environment
  • Learned behaviors – the actions or reactions of an organism in response to external or internal stimuli
  • Offspring – a living organism that is made when a plant or animal reproduces
  • Species – a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding
  • Structure – a body part that does a certain “job” for an organism
  • Survive – continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship

Related Vocabulary:

  • Advantages
  • Behavior
  • Different
  • Disadvantages
  • Hibernate
  • Instincts
  • Instinctive behaviors
  • Migration
  • Represents
  • Similar
  • Traits
  • Unique
January 8, 2018
That's a wrap!!!! Whew, what a FUN past 6 weeks learning about alternative energy, fossil fuels and the Earth's changes through W.E.D. (weathering, erosion and deposition)! We are ready to BLAST OFF to space! We are leaping into the Earth, Sun and Moon Systems! We are discussing the Earth's rotation (spinning) on it's axis, how the Earth revolves (orbits) around the sun and the Moon's rotation around Earth. We will identify why we have night and day and seasons.  We also will be discovering the Natural World and diving into Ecosystem Interactions this six weeks!! The more your child gets excited about learning the more successful they become! Let's collaborate together and make a phenomenal team at home and at school...
Please make sure to review important previously learned science information like:
Science Safety/Theory- lab safety, scientific method, science tools, variable, control
Properties of Matter- Gas, Liquid, Solid, physical state, relative density, solubility in water, conductors & insulators, magnetism, temperature (boiling point, freezing point and melting point in degrees Celsius), volume, mass, density, mixtures & solutions, evaporation, condensation and physical changes
Forces- Push, Pull, Gravity, friction, balanced forces and unbalanced forces
Energy Forms and Functions-  (LET'S SMaCk- light energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, solar energy, sound energy, mechanical energy and chemical energy), how do circuits work (series circuit & parallel circuit, open/closed circuits), Light Energy (Reflection/Refraction)
Earth's Changes- Weathering (breaking down of rock), Erosion (the movement of broken down sediments) and Deposition (where the sediments are dropped off), Fossils, Earth's surface, sedimentary rock, natural resources, recycling & conservation, fossil fuels
Alternative Energy Resources-  BiG WiSH (Biofuel, Geothermal, Wind, Solar, Hydroelectric)
***Check back for updates***